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Anger is a natural reaction to frustration in life. That being said, anger can be problematic if it is uncontrollable, overwhelming, and destructive on a regular basis. People who find themselves at the mercy of these powerful emotions may experience hindrances to their daily functioning—specifically, decreases in quality of relationships, work efficacy, and personal satisfaction.

Fortunately, these intense emotions can be controlled with anger management counseling. Clarity Clinic, located in Chicago, utilizes a variety of anger management techniques in order to reduce both raw emotional reactions as well as troublesome aggressive responses of self-expression. In acute circumstances, Clarity Clinic recommends both therapy and medical interventions.


While Clarity Clinic recommends its patients take advantage of a strategic anger management therapy plan to combat uncontrollable anger, we also suggest the following relaxation tools:

  • Practice Deep Breathing Before Voicing Your Frustrations
  • Engage in Physical Exercise to Burn Off Stress
  • Repeat Relaxing Words or Phrases to Help Calm Down
  • Take A Solutions-Based Approach to Your Issues
  • Immerse Yourself In Comfortable Surroundings, or Take a 5 Min Walk Outside to Cool Down
  • Know When It’s Time to Call A Therapist

These simple words of advice are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to managing your anger. Clarity Clinic is here to help as your go-to resource for Chicago anger management counseling.

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