Clarity Clinic is the premier Counseling and Psychiatry Clinic in Chicago, IL with knowledgeable, progressive clinicians that help patients grow and change on their path towards overall well-being. Clarity Clinic empowers patients to take control of their goals and overcome challenges. This private practice is a defining clinic in mental health services in IL.

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Tara Javidan

Gretchen Lewis, LPC

Tara Javidan, LCPC, CADC has a Master’s degree in counseling from Concordia University Chicago.

Tara’s areas of expertise include: adolescents, substance use, eating disorders, body image, impact of social media on mental health, mindfulness, anxiety, depression

Gretchen Lewis, LPC

Gretchen Lewis, LPC has a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is currently a Doctoral Candidate at Adler University.

Gretchen’s areas of expertise include: Mindfulness, Gratitude, Trauma, Wellbeing, Anxiety, Depression, Executive/Career Coaching, Relationships, and Emotional Intelligence.

Melissa Mello, LMFT

Melissa Mello, LMFT received her BS in psychology from the University of Washington and her Master’s in Marital and Family Therapy from the University of San Diego. She began her training at the UW in research, helping to investigate the effectiveness of DBT.

Melissa’s areas of expertise include: Couples/Family Therapy, Relationships, Children, Adolescents, and Eating Disorders.

Dr. Amelia Merz, MD

Dr. Amelia Merz, MD was trained at the University of Minnesota where she completed both medical school and residency. Dr. Merz has worked in a variety of settings including outpatient clinics, residential treatment centers and inpatient psychiatric hospitals.

Dr. Merz’s areas of expertise include: Perinatal mood disorders, OCD, and Addiction (particularly the opioid crisis).