Clarity Clinic is the premier Counseling and Psychiatry Clinic in Chicago, IL with knowledgeable, progressive clinicians that help patients grow and change on their path towards overall well-being. Clarity Clinic empowers patients to take control of their goals and overcome challenges. This private practice is a defining clinic in mental health services in IL.

Lakeview Director of Therapy Andrea Stein, LCSW featured on the Jen Weigel Show

Clarity Clinic’s Lakeview director of therapy, Andrea Stein, LCSW discusses staying the course with sobriety during a pandemic on the Jen Weigel Show.

Dr. Krant Reddy featured on Gabby Road WCGO Radio show

Dr. Krant Reddy discusses COVID-19 and mental health on the Gabby Road WCGO Radio show.

Dr. Pavan Prasad featured on ABC 7 News Chicago

Dr. Pavan Prasad on ABC 7 News: Tips to Manage COVID-19 Anxiety