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Yes...I’m 35 & Single [su_quote]“Being single doesn’t make you weak it means that you are strong enough to be on your own.” - Xavier Zayas[/su_quote] Are you in your mid-thirties and still single? If you are, you’re not alone. About 56% of people in their thirties are marr...
How often do we have a conversation with others and five minutes later not remember details of that interaction?  Or maybe your spouse or coworkers ask you a question or to complete a task and we are so distracted that we forget what was asked of us.  Many times in these interactions we are already formulating our response or reacting to emotions before the other person has completed their sente...
Parenting a child is by far the hardest and most unpredictable venture in life. Why? Because there is no manual on “how to be the best parent.” We just take what we’ve learned from our parents (how they raised us), gather some questionable “how-to” books, and fly by the seat of our pants. While we may make our way through the journey of parenting with our head above water, most of us oft...
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