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While most of us are familiar with a mid-life crisis, a transitional period during middle age in which self-identity and self-confidence are questioned and can result in an emotional crisis, not much has been written or researched about the quarter-life crisis.  A quarter-life crisis is a transitional stage similar to what is experienced in mid-life, but affecting those between the ages of 22 and...

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To be is to Inter-be - Thich Nhat Hanh When we say the words “for better or for worse”, we hope, with all our hearts, that it is mostly for better. This is part of the struggle that exists in relationships today. Of course, we will always strive for relationships that stay in the “for better” side of that vow but avoiding/denying the “worse” is not he...

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The average American’s daily life consist of trying to fit as many things into 24 hours as we possibly can.  With the fast paced lifestyle that we have all become accustomed to, finding time for adequate rest can be challenging.  The importance of getting a good night’s sleep is vast and consequences of not achieving this can linger into the following days.  Sleep hygiene is a term coined t...

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Have you ever stumbled upon your words in a presentation and then spent the remainder of the day thinking about how every person in the room now thinks you’re a terrible speaker? Or what about when you trip on your shoe lace walking down the street and are overwhelmed by the thought that the whole city is now staring at you laughing? What about when you spill a drop of coffee on your pants and b...

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According to the American Foundation for suicide prevention, suicide is currently the third leading cause of death for young adults in the United States. The rate at which individuals are contemplating and performing suicide is increasing at an alarming rate. Suicide is often a last resort when individuals feel that they are no longer able to cope with the stressors and hardships they are dealing...

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Prior to Alfred Kinsey’s acclaimed research on sexual behavior, it was commonly accepted that sexuality was a dichotomous concept. Kinsey and his team conducted thousands of interviews on people’s sexual behavior and created a heterosexual-homosexual rating scale ranging from exclusively heterosexual (0) to exclusively homosexual (6) with an additional category for those who did not report any...

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Many people suffer from atychiphobia and they are not aware of it.  What is atychiphobia you may ask? It is the devastating fear of failure.  You may not believe it yourself that you are suffering from a fear of failure but has there ever been a time when you did not volunteer to give a presentation that landed someone else a big promotion?  Have you ever been told to apply for a job that you k...

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Social anxiety is a disorder that affects more than 15 million Americans each year. The disorder can lead to people have a very difficult time spending time with others and being in social situations. It often leads people to feel anxious of be...

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