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Therapy is more than crisis management or the act of giving advice. It is a process, a journey of self-discovery. Therapy is your guide to recognizing, understanding, and trusting your inner-self. It serves as a resource for support, allows you to build skills, and facilitates positive behaviors and practices to help reach your desired goals. If you are seeking Chicago psychiatry or therapy guidance, Clarity Clinic can help you. Located in River North, Clarity Clinic offers a variety of therapy and psychiatry services to help you on your journey to wellness and clarity.

ADULT THERAPY Psychotherapy Services Clarity Clinic is committed to improving the lives of individuals and their families affected by mood, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, chronic illness, academic struggles, abuse, addiction + more. 

CHILD & ADOLESCENT THERAPY Psychotherapy Services for Children, Adolecents, and Families We help children and adolescents manage daily challenges that would otherwise prevent them from achieving personal goals and their dream. HOLISTIC THERAPY SERVICES Dietetic/Nutrition + Hypnotherapy Clarity Clinic offers hypnosis and dietician services as a holistic, yet parallel modality to traditional therapy techniques
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