Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Skills Group for Adults


  • Practice letting go of control
  • Increase psychological flexibility
  • Learn mindfulness-based strategies

About ACT

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is an empirically supported behavioral approach to psychotherapy that aims to increase psychological flexibility and one’s ability to engage in the present moment more fully, without needless control, through the use of Acceptance and Mindfulness based strategies. ACT holds the belief that we can choose to change behavior if continuing that behavior no longer serves us valued ends. Clients will learn to let go of needless control, attempts to avoid or get rid of painful events, and work on expansion of one’s experiences. ACT is a proven intervention for a variety of anxiety disorders, depression, and other mood disorders, eating disorders, psychosis, substance use, and chronic pain or illness.

Joining Group

This group is open to all genders 18+ who are motivated to create a more meaningful and fulfilling life through engagement in values and committed actions. Clients will be asked to participate in a free 15-minute assessment with the group facilitator prior to joining the group to determine goodness of fit.


Insurance accepted for group therapy or out of pocket cost $50

Want to join the group?

Group meets:

Weekly on Tuesdays
Starting March 5, 2019
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm


Clarity Clinic Loop
333 N Michigan Ave #1400, Chicago, IL


Lindsay Buvel, LCPC

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